Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birth of a new day

An age comes to pass as the light touches the earth for the awaited kiss of sun light. At this time the boys and girls awake to a new day that has and will forever change their lives. This changing is not something that can be seen readily, but is still felt. Some find themselves wondering about days and time long gone. What now they think to themselves? They know the words even before the thought gets done turning inside the chasms of our mind. Be strong and loving.
A car rolls down the road once known and traversed with a sense of boredom and impatience, is now a mystified and unfamiliar. On this day all is in limbo with emotions and lives. Three loved ones embark on a journey to better the rest of the world through their teaching and example. Others in a faraway land are in immense anticipation as these three board the plane to set out to a new world that will be called home very soon.

As for the ones still in a familiar country, this is something that needed to happen for them to reach there upmost potential.
We will miss you!

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