Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones


This is my review of the Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones. I will start of by saying these are my first Bluetooth headphones. Most of my headphones are in the higher price range, but I needed to start some where and these seemed to be a great starting point.

So first off the looks. this is what spikes your intrigue right off the bat. Just like sex, us humans like to be visually pleased before we go further.

The outer face of the headphones have a machined metal look to them which appeals to my industrial side. The rest of the headphones are covered in a soft rubber. The inline remote is covered in this soft rubber too. This is a great feature when you are sweaty and need to turn the volume up or down.

Next on the list is sound. This is what keep you entertained after the initial looks wear off. For me these headphones are like Fran Drescher. 

The best I can say is that they will keep you entertained while you are on a jog. Overall I was not impressed. they are very tinny. Most of the time it sounds like I have a set of pop cans on my ears. And the bass is non-existent. 

Next is the battery life. How long can they last?

These headphones can go the distance. The battery life on one charge is astounding. They say 10 hours solid talk and listening time. I think that I have gone past that but I don’t listen to them constantly for 10 hours. I have charged them once and I only use them in the morning for 30-35 min, and I have not needed to charge them since the month that I got them. (I would say that I have about 20 hours on them, probably more)

Last is the fit. How they feel on the long haul.

So first off they feel pretty good, and when you are standing or on a light walk they are great with staying in. everyone has a "but" and this is mine. When you are jogging the left headphone keeps falling out. Now this could be the way that I have them set up. I have the middle set of rubber inserts for the ear canal. These are the ones that I can wear for a couple of hours and not get to much pain in the ear (I don’t really like inner ear headphones when I am listening for hours on end. I prefer around the ear headphones like the AKG K702.) I have messed with the rubber holder that positions the headphone in the ear (a lot). Still it falls out and then I get sweat in them and they have a hard time staying in after that.

So overall I think that they are good cheap set of Bluetooth headphones. Fit needs a lot of fine tuning, battery life is perfect, sound is not amazing, and looks good and minimal.

So I think that on a scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being perfect, I would give these a 3.5

Thanks for reading. If you agree or disagree please comment.